UTSA Roadrunners Game 1/24

Over/Under on 500 people in the building at UTSA?

Looking over some of their box scores and attendance vs Rice was just over 500. North Texas, Texas State, and UTEP each drew around 1,200. Figured the Oklahoma game would have been a sellout, but only 2,500 in the 4,000 seat UTSA arena.

Better than I thought. Also just noticed North Texas is 17-2 (10-0 at Home) and only averaging 2,800 per game.

Pathetic. I hate we’re in this conference.

Over/Under on 500 people in the building at UTSA?

Over. I’m going, tried to get some extra tickets for friends, best available was 16th row. That being said, over/under on 1000 would be a harder call.

Good God! I thought our website was crappy, but their preview of us makes our site look like Pulitzer worthy material. That preview is worse than a David Scott article.

Charlotte +9 for tomorrow.

Just read through the UTSA preview and it’s pretty extensive. Definitely nothing like a David Scott piece, which is non-existent pregame and only post game if at home.

UTSA 44-19 @ halftime. Roadrunners’ Jhivvan Jackson with 21


This is by far our worst game of the year. No effort, poor decisions and giving up a ton of open shots. On offense, we are stagnant. Nothing positive whatsoever.

Final 88-43 UTSA. And Jackson wins the battle for league scoring leader over Davis 28 to 12.

I have been a fan since the 80s. No exaggeration, that was the most pathetic effort I have EVER seen from this program, particularly when the opponent is considered. UT freakin SA…embarrassing.


Burn the tape. Sweep ashes together. Add some kindling and :fuelpump:, burn it again.

This was an unacceptable performance.


At the end of the season it will go down as just another Loss.

I figured after our dismal showing in the first half that Sanchez would give them an ass chewing and that our effort would improve. The effort was even less prevalent in the second half.


@austinniner sorry :neutral_face: