V Grier

Career high of 32 in win over WI.

Surprised they didnโ€™t mention he was a Charlotte player as much as they were talking about our program and former players. Glad he doing well and glad he is not a Niner at the same time.

Grier is not Niner basketball! We just one a great game and you come in here and start posting on a player that is not part of our program.

I donโ€™t remember if it was during the game or during highlights but they did mention that he was a transfer from Charlotte. I guess there was a topic a long time ago about him leaving but can anybody tell me (short) why he left?

Trouble maker and bad for team chemistry is my understanding. Glad he is no longer in Charlotte, no matter what he does elsewhere.

Grier had 26 2nd half ptsโ€ฆMinnesota only scored 60 as a team!!!

[i]Originally posted by moss2k[/i]@Feb 5 2005, 06:46 PM [b] Grier had 26 2nd half pts.....Minnesota only scored 60 as a team!!! [/b]
They got a good win tonight with his effort, but I don't think he would have an overall positive effect on our team. Tends to be a selfish player who doesn't make those around him better. And, no way he would start over any of our starters this year.