Vegas line on Saint Louis game

By the odd makers it doesn’t look like StL missing Bryant makes much difference, still going to be a slow, low scoring game.

Charlotte -5

Maybe of interest, other CUSA games:

Cincy -3.5

UAB -2

Marquette -2.5

So Florida
Louisville -25.5

Memphis -16

I bet the harder line to bet would be the total-points over/under line.

If the over/under is 100, you’ll know where I’m betting.

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 10:55 PM [b] If the over/under is 100, you'll know where I'm betting. [/b]
I'd have to give serious consideration to the under if it's set at 100.

Boy do I hate this game every time it comes up on the schedule.

I’m going 70-50 us of course. They can’t hang this year. Plus, I’m 3-0 at Picassos East Blvd and going back tomorrow night. Don’t shoot me if this backfires. :o

After the Nance info, PLEASE, no one is to bet the ranch on this game. :angry: It will be super ugly now since the 49ers were outrebounded 38-31 in the game at Halton. Iti had 6 of those, also 2 points and 4 fouls in 22 minutes.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 11:21 PM [b] I'm going 70-50 us of course. They can't hang this year. Plus, I'm 3-0 at Picassos East Blvd and going back tomorrow night. Don't shoot me if this backfires. :o [/b]
When is the last time that we have ever beaten them by 15+ at Halton?? I think we win this game but against their style of play, I'll make my Final Four trip reservations if we win by 20 today because that will say a lot about our team.

My line was at 6.5.
I took it, along with the Hurricanes winning at Clemson and 'Cuse winning on the road for a little parlay action.


'Canes won and so did the 'Cuse. 2 out of 3 is a good start…

CRUSH THE BILLIKENS! I want this game baaaad!

Martin better play his ARSE off tonight…for a change!!! Either that,or get his quick 3 fouls and let Curtis man the middle.

I’d take that bet in a heartbeat. If I were a betting man. Actually I am a betting man, I just don’t have any money.