Vegas odds on game

Vegas has Charlotte -9

My guess, Charlotte -15 with breakout game by Iti (6 points and 4 fouls) and CW (25 points, 12 rebounds).

Niners 86
La La 74

Got my $$$ on the good guys. Go Niners!

(Unfortunately, will probably be drinking $1 any-size-mugs of beer instead of listening to the game. Wait, maybe that is fortunate…)

[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Dec 1 2004, 09:03 AM [b] Niners 86 La La 74 [/b]
NINERS 83 Lo-La 72

Niners 82
Cajuns 66

I’m predicting free throw shooting will not be a factor in this one. Niners cruise in this one.