Victory- Winston Salem Journal using Charlotte in today's recap

They are not referring to us as UNC Charlotte, or UNCC in today’s paper. Thanks to C49er, Switchfoot and anyone else who has written these guys over the years. I’m thinking our last push after the Butler game paid off. Let’s hope this remains constant. I did see that they used UNC Charlotte in our baseball win over Wake.

About damn time. I never called any of the staff writers, but I left numerous comments to their online articles stating my displeasure of it. I wonder if it’s because they’ve had so much staff turnover lately that the new folks didn’t “know any better” (compared to what they have been doing) and just followed protocol from the AP. Lenox Rawlings’ departure may have somthing to do with it, too.

I looked back and they did make the change with the St. Louis game right after Butler. They’ve been stubborn about this forever. Glad to finally have a break through.

clt endorses this.