vomit URI post game

Lutz this is on you pal

Your player rotations suck suck suck

A guy who announces he is transferring (or walking away with a yr of eligibility left) this week starts?? And he is incapable of scoring…

You play Ian Andersen who can’t stop my daughter and is a spastic.

I have been your biggest defender but you’ve lost control of your program.

All your players are scared skirts. One guy has balls and you sit him with 2 fouls…

Let 8 guys play and find the leaders…its too late now

and why would you wanna play up tempo with URI? awful choice

hope you sign some MEN in April and not all these scared BOYS

Gonna go vomit now.

Wait…who’s transferring? Are you counting Dewhurst as a transfer or did I miss something big?

yeah he is transferring for academics

So frustrating to watch/ listen to…

I didn’t understand Dew starting either. Did Sirin play at all?

yeah he is transferring for academics[/quote]

I guess you’re technically right…but I was pretty scared I missed something for a second.

I don’t blame Lutz for switching rotations, we have been one of the worst teams in the A10 the past few weeks, some change was needed. It obviously didn’t work, but the normal lineup hasn’t been working for a while now…

Pathetic. That’s the only word for it. RI doesn’t even strike me as being very good. We’re just that bad.

Don’t think I’ve been more frustrated watching a game all season.

Can’t shoot a lick
Can’t rebound
Can’t grab a loose ball
Can’t stop their three-point shooters
Can’t run a fast break
Can’t find a player with a speck of courage

Have no idea why I spent two hours of my life watching this. Just sickening. Do any of you wearing a uniform have a set of balls whatsoever?!? Good God!!!

i’m so freaking done with this team, i just want out.

I’m tempted to just sit in my front row seat for the whole game saturday, did anyone else see any reason tonight why i should make any noise?

Barnet makes a three at about the 5 min mark and sits the rest of the game.

Wow, another swan dive at the end of the year. When it is time to nut up during crunch time of a season, we wilt under the pressure. We just seem to regress at the end of the year, when all of the good teams are coming into their own and playing their best basketball.

God help us…

Going with bullet points because it keeps me from using them (bullets that is…)

-We are in a freefall and I don’t see any way out of it.

-Second game in a row I quit watching for health reasons.

-Last four losses have all looked exactly the same. Same Niners different opponent jersey.

-Do we have any offensive players besides Spears? At one time Green was contributing but…

-We cannot play defense.

-How many people on here said Lutz needs to get a rotation at about game 6-8? Still don’t have one.

-Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. :-\ :blank: :-\

-Vomit…good thread title and I propose it as our team slogan next year. Think about it.


It’s a good thing I emotionally checked out about 4-5 games ago or I might have been really pissed off about tonight.

[quote=“itsbraille49, post:10, topic:22615”]i’m so freaking done with this team, i just want out.

I’m tempted to just sit in my front row seat for the whole game saturday, did anyone else see any reason tonight why i should make any noise?[/quote]

Exactly man. I don’t even want to go to the Richmond game now… we just aren’t just trying hard enough.

hahaha. This program needs a surgeon generals warning.

Derrio’s last 6 games - 10-for-50 threes (20%) - 19-for-68 overall (28%)

Someone shooting 11 shots a game can’t shoot like that or we’re done like dinner.

Case in point, he shoots only 6 times vs. St. Joe’s and we have our best game in over a month. Coincidence? I think not.

I wonder what Bobby thinks about that old sports cliche that goes something like this:

“You always want to look at how teams have improved from the start of the season to the end of the season. Even if you have a difficult season, if you play hard and win games that you weren’t winning at the start of the season, it proves the coaching staff has been doing their job and getting the guys to play better and understand the system and their roles.”

We have gotten worse, much MUCH worse. Pathetic.