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We’re gonna be bitch slapped, but some will get to see it on Charlotte TWC/Spectrum channel 372

If we shoot well and get in a rhythm we win. WKU doesn’t really have a lot of size and they average 36 rebounds per game to our 32.

clt asks about directv.


FoxSportGo app will have it, if you have access to Fox College Sports channel:

Not sure what to expect from this team lately, but I would like to believe we come out firing tonight. It was nice to see Davis show up on offense during the first half last game, but we need someone else to consistently step up…he is always carrying this team on his back.

For once, we need to make an effort on rebounding and defense. I fully expect us to get out-rebounded tonight. So, why not put in Benas or Bergang? I know they aren’t a factor on the offense but we can shoot around them. They certainly can’t hurt us in the rebounding category either and at the very least disrupt some plays down low. I just can’t stand to see us giving up so many second chance opportunities because of lack in size or effort.

This team just isn’t as exciting as last year and I really miss Big Joe for this fact. Even when he wasn’t on the floor the team still fed off his energy. Someone has to provide that fire and I honestly think JC was the next best option. Anyway, tonight would be a good win (for us) and hopefully can be the start of a nice winning streak.

Not on Directtv that I can see. I show N.Arizona vs. someone

clt says you may need the sports package.

I’m watching on the Fox Sport Go App and it is working great.

clt says the DIRECTV feed was sd garbage. Sad.

Switched to app.