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[B]Man’s Gun Fires in Wal-Mart Bathroom[/B]
Associated Press
September 07, 2006

HUDSON, NH - A Nashua man faces a felony reckless conduct charge after his gun discharged in a Wal-Mart bathroom, striking the ceiling and scaring an employee in the next stall.

Charles Masterson, 36, said he pointed his gun toward the ceiling because he had been taught that was the safest thing to do when it wasn’t being used.

The precaution backfired when the gun discharged Tuesday night while Masterson was in the bathroom.

Police charged him for putting the teenage employee in danger. Masterson’s 13-year-old son also was in the bathroom.

Masterson was jailed overnight, but released on personal recognizance Wednesday after his arraignment in Nashua District Court.

Masterson said he had been carrying the Glock 9mm pistol in his waistband.

The Wal-Mart employee, Adam Carew, 17, of Dracut, Mass., told police he was in the handicapped accessible stall when he heard the gunshot. Carew said he ran out and saw Masterson’s son covering his ears.

Carew told police Masterson walked out of his stall, put the gun in his pants and just walked right out of the bathroom like nothing happened.

Wal-Mart employees called police.

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“I was always taught it was safe to point the gun at the sky when not using it.”

“well I have the right to bear arms, you know”

It is clear that this man got an A in Chapel Hill’s Gunn Sayfdee 101

What an awesome way to parent your child.

“Hurry up kid! BANG”

You're gonna love this, [B][COLOR=green][SIZE=4]THE TRUTH REVOLUTION LIVES![/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

It’s not always popular…but the Truth is always reality.

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[QUOTE=uncommon-niner;190256]HP, this is so old. Come on!

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Let it go uncommon.

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I still liked the first guy in the Wal-mart better :lol:

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The suspect is described as a white male, mid 30’s, with an average build. He was wearing [B]a UNC hat[/B], blue polo shirt, blue jean shorts and white shoes. According to statements, the suspect left the bank in a white Ford Explorer.

How do we know these are all [I]Wal-Mart[/I] tarheel fans? Couldn’t they just be graduates?:wink:

It never gets old. Cameras all over the building, duh!