Watch out Louisville

That Saint Louis team can be tough, as we all saw, and even though they are not at home, I think the Bills can still pose a threat to the Cardinals. I wouldn’t put it past them to have another great game like they did against us a week ago.

Would be nice to see an upset but personally, I think Louisville will kill them today.

i hope louisville keeps barely getting by teams until we play them. Then they are ranked high still and we have a good opportunity to beat them, top 25 matchup

memphis game is big to set this up, homecoming will be easy win

I know it’s way, way early, but after 5 minutes, SLU is hanging with Louisville 7-7.

And we thought Iti was bad. SLU’s Ian Vouyoukas picked up 2 fouls in 3 seconds.

Second half and Saint Louis is still within 6. 42-36 is not that comfortable if you are a Cardinal fan

40-52. Louisville starting to put it away with 15:00 left.

40-57 with 12:45. I think that about does it for the SLU upset.

Yeah, I didn’t really expect the upset to actually happen, particularly when Louisville wakes up and plays like a top team. It seems like they have the same problem of playing down to their opponents sometimes, but not today.