Way to "nut" up...

This team finally showed true effort and guts overall. UAB is always a tough team b/c of their “40 Minutes of Hell” style of play. Mitch and Nance looked sick tonight. We now have 7 guys to score atleast 15 pts. in one game this year. I am not even sure that anyone in the nation other than the migthy Tarheels can make that claim.

Did anybody else hear the television announcer call Nance the ‘Lone Ranger’ because his headband was so low? When he said it all of my buddies were laughing, but then he had that huge break-away dunk and the name has now stuck for us.

Nance is nasty, there is no other way to put it. That dunk is a Niner highlight.

This was a turning point for our team. I just hope coach looks to Nance, Mitch and Eddie the rest of the season.

Eddie’s promise has held true.

Nance was impresive.

Baldwin was sick: 38 minutes, 4-8 FG, 9-11 FT, 7 assists, 2 TO, 17 points! Awesome.

How about 77% FT tonight as a team. That’s how you win on the road in conference.

You are right, we were awesome tonight.