WCCB (previously FOX) News Rising Rally 8/30 - CONFIRMED

I talked to Wilson last week about the WCCB deal and to see if he was interested on bringing rising out. I am going to reach out to the AD and to the Alumni Association to see if they are interested. I am not sure if the school will be willing to do much with this since game preparations will be underway, but it could be really cool. What do you all think? If we do it will you come out? I know it is early…

Yes. I have taken the day off from work already.

Why would we do anything on Friday?

We as in us or the school?

Either way the chance to showcase what is happening in preparation for the first game I think it worth taking a look at. Not to mention Wilson has been such a huge supporter and Rising has covered us so much it seems fitting. I think it is worth showing on TV the excitement around the game the next day.

Yes. I have taken the day off from work already.[/quote]

Ditto to everything.

With WCCB airing our home games, i think it would be awesome if Wilson hosted a gameday show from campus every Saturday we play at The Rich. It couldn’t cost that much to produce?

I may well have to take that day off work - and the possibility of being on campus for a showing of support for the Niners and News Rising may be enough to rise me from bed earlier than normal.

Would we be allowed to do some extra tailgating on campus that morning?

What are we rallying for? Free seatbacks?

The right to wear bowties?

The right to wear bowties?[/quote]
You already have that right sir.

Rally to destroy the Camels!!!

Talk to the AD and to the AA. Looks like a meeting is happening next week with WCCB and on the agenda is this. Stay tuned…

Since most are staying in a hotel on 08/30, & no one wants to get up early 2 mornings in a row, why not a FNR on 08/31?

It doesn’t come on on Saturdays.

Just talked with Wilson. They are planning on doing the show from campus. He was getting ready to call Whitestone for AD support. We need a big crowd at this. Who is in??


Thats College Colors Day also.

I’m not taking the day off that day. I do hope we get a good crowd out there though.

I’m game, taking the day off.

Wilson was working with Whitestone to get the students, some Dusters, cheerleaders, Norm maybe the drumline… should be a good time!!!

We need to work with Parking Services too.