We need a laser

The Spirit Forum post about putting green spotlights on the tower gave me an idea, so I fired up google and sure enough it exists:

It’s a green laser, thought it would be ultra cool to have that mounted on top of Halton. Talk about people knowing a game is going on… It just might increase the number of accidents on 85 and 485 10 fold. It may even require FAA approval. It’s even green, although a lighter green, but it’s still green.

I have no idea how much it is, but it just seemed a little too cool and geeky not to post it. The maker’s site is here.

I’ll throw in a $5 spot for it!!! :smiley:

Dr. Evil just sprang into my mind.

sounds productive i like it, but if we cant afford t-shirt for the lower bowl of our lil arena how the hell would we get something that cool

definite FAA involvement

Moss2k hereby allows the laser, and will deal with the FAA appropriately

Are we going to call this the “Alan Parson’s Project?”

“preparation H. preparations A through G all failed…”

We have a Dept of Physics and Optical Science, get them to build one. If the Delta House can build the DeathMobile we can do this.

I for one welcome our laser-wielding overlords.

Maybe someone could contact the fine people at the Luxor and see if we could borrow their light…

That first image of the laser didn’t work, so here’s one that should…


Yeah, it’s kind of fun to joke about, but this is the kind of thing that would get us pub. The O does a piece on it, maybe some news spots and people become aware of it. Then everytime someone sees that green laser they think of the Niners… Maybe we could cut sponsors names out of clouds B)

Yeah, that actually would be kinda cool and it would definitely get us some pub. $450 a night to rent, though?