We NEED Curt Involved!!!

I know that there are other threads about this, but Curt absolutely should either look for the ball more or Lutz should design more plays designed just for him. I don’t want to get into a fingerpointing deal here, but how in the hell are we going to get our Wooden/Naismith Award Watch Nominee into the game more?

The thread about Vitale’s Rip Van Winkle vote is laughable right now. The fact is, Curt has had three very mediocre games that he should have eaten for lunch. I know that the team is the most important thing, as I’ve stated before, but it’s ridiculous for Curt to only get 6 friggin’ points!!! I mean, he’s either got to assert himself a LOT more or Bobby is going to have to find a way to get him firmly entrenched as the focal point. I hate to say it, but I tend to agree with the peeps on this board that b*tch about us being more a “chuck up the 3” offense. I know that Lutz loves the 3 ball, but, IMO, I feel that Curt needs the touches and the 3’s will come as a result of him getting all of the attention inside.

'Bama will absolutely thrash us, by double digits, if we don’t have Curt step it up. This team is a Final 8 team from last year with most of their weapons back. We can’t have our #1 weapon score 6 pts. unless we want to lose by 15-20.

Just what was wrong with the last thread???

Message to Bobby…Please Run Something For Curt!!

This just waters down the discussion, but oh well…

We have hardly ever run a play to get the ball to the post. Curt got most of his points last year off of put backs. Thats why he had so many double doubles. Complain about him not rebounding.

[i]Originally posted by jbpfeen[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 01:58 PM [b] IMO, I feel that Curt needs the touches and the 3's will come as a result of him getting all of the attention inside. [/b]
I'm sure this debate will go on the entire year.

Just a couple of comments. The 3’s are already here and they’re partly because of people hanging all over our All-American candidate. They know who he is.

And because Plavich is hitting at 54% and the team at 52%…if you’re scoring, you keep on scoring. A lot of teams would kill to have players who can shoot it. I’m more concerned about the defense, particulary in the paint.

I think we’ll see the offense evolve and Withers & Iti will get more chances down low.

You do realize we’re 3-1 (and should be 4-0, save some hideous free throw shooting)?

I agree with Lefty - these other teams know we have a Wooden candidate on our squad and they are going to do their best to prevent him from having a big game. That just opens everything else up for our shooters and so far, they’ve taken full advantage of that. Take a look at Illinois’ game last night - I don’t know if any one guy had a great game, but team-wise, they played killer defense, dished out something like 27 assists and just played fantastic. That’s what we need from our team.

I do think that we can do a better job of setting up plays for Withers at times (I always think back to Colson/DeMarco and how DJ would get it at the high/low post for an easy shot), but if we win and have multiple guys in score in double figures, I’m not sure how much sense it makes to complain.