Welcome to Marcus Conrad


Welcome to Marcus Conrad as Director of Player Development. He joins the Charlotte 49ers coming from the same position at Liberty University




:+1: One more announcement to go !


Maybe it is just semantics, but we have not had a Director of Player Development before. I wonder if this represents a net new position on the staff. If so, that would be another indication of Charlotte upping its commitment to winning.


We had a DOBO and a Video Coordinator. Like you, I’m curious if we add more than 2 paid staffers.


Well, we all are confident that as soon as you find out…you’ll let us know that you know…and won’t tell us. :grin:


WHAT is director of player development? What is the job description? Sounds like the definition of “coach”.


Is this the same type of position Kevin Donnalley has for football?



Title: Director of Player Development
As Director of Player Development, Conrad’s duties are to assist with laying out plans for each player on and off the court in order to maximize their potential as a student and basketball player. Conrad will also assist with recruiting activities, setting up official visits and hosting prospects and their parents. He will constantly be updating recruiting boards while providing daily recruiting updates to the coaching staff.
Prior to being hired as the Director of Player Development, Conrad spent the previous two years with the Flames as a graduate assistant. While serving as a graduate assistant, Conrad oversaw Liberty’s student managers and handled behind-the-scenes game day and practice operations. He also assisted the coaching staff with day-to-day operations, including video breakdown, scouting and managing the recruiting database. Conrad recently graduated with a master’s degree in sport management at Liberty.
Conrad is no stranger to the Lynchburg area, as he graduated from Brookville High School in 2011. He continued his education at Virginia, receiving a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2015. While with the Cavaliers men’s basketball program, he served as a student manager under Tony Bennett and was promoted to head manager his senior year. In his role as head manager, he assisted with travel arrangements, meals, video editing and recruiting coordination.

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I hope not, all he does is put dumb stuff on social media. Not a fan of Donnalley at all in terms of his role with the school.


Does that mean Marcus Conrad is the third assistant? (director of Scouting)


I think Donnally does some things well. One of the best things he gives us is coverage when he is talking Panthers on tv and radio. I think in some instances we ask him to do things outside of his skill set and other times he is simply stepping in to do something that needs to be done that no one else will do. His strength has been on display at both round for Ratliff and coaches caravan.