Welcome to Welcome

THe song in question…

I thought last we hears she was sick & tired of Mr. Hotchkiss.

lol, Robert’s old wife is warning Annette that he is a woman beater.

Shit changes SCK. Love is a complex thing. Sometimes it takes a few marriages to get all the kinks worked out.

I mean didn’t he go at annette at some time in the past?


[font=helvetica][size=14px]Fixen to change alot of shit in my life and changing my stautes back to single for a while until further notice. Sitting in my car listening to give me that donkey... Got alot on my mind. Going back to my i dont give a damn attitude as of today. Tired of alot of crap anymore. And people fixen to find out ANNETTE has gone back to the bitch she use to be years ago.[/size][/font]

And with this news, the internet rejoices.

Listening to what?

clt is fixen to learn more.

I think give me that donkey is code for give her the male anatomy. :))

clt needs an update.

49erdrummer will ride through Welcome and check things out this evening.

Moss2k advises @49erDrummer to not blink.

Perhaps I’ll set up surveillance at the in-laws’ house. We need answers.

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clt can confirm that Annette is now enrolled at Appy.

Would love to hear an update on how Annette is handling the virus

I just drove past welcome on Tuesday. Made me curious about Annette as well.

I live in Welcome and went to high school with an Annette

OK, I think the obvious questions is–Annette went to high school? All of it?