What a game!!!

91-90!! We Win!!!

The Game

I agree I thought I was going to have a heart attack…


Great game. Hard to believe we put up 91 on Cinci. Really hard to believe the FT shooting, which won the game for us! Great way to end the conference rivalry with Cinci. GO NINERS!!!

One of the best I’ve ever seen. Big, big win!

they made every shot but the last one!

Great NATIONAL exposure…!!!

Yes, what a game. Of course it feels better to say that after you win one than when you lose. Today’s team looked totally different than the one in Cincinnati.

Rebounding = much, much better. I would like to see a box score. Inside guys played well on the boards.

Threes = Plavich - well he did play this good in Cincy

Inside = Iti, Withers, Nance played much better - Cincinnati has always had one or two or more players that are beasts inside

Basden = does it all again

Baldwin = played very well - liked the drives to the basket

Great game. Let’s take care of Houston and SLU. Go Niners!

“Great game. Let’s take care of Houston and SLU. Go Niners!”

Hopefully we don’t have a let down against Houston or do our annually flop at SLU. We take care of them and we will be top 25.

Go Niners!!!

We definitely fired on all cylinders today. This is what we have been capable of all year.

We appeared to play good D all game with only a few minor lapses. You just have to tip your hat to Cincy. Hicks and Maxiel were just red hot at times and the only way to stop them was to foul them. Both teams were making contested threes.

We outrebounded them by 11.

We shot 89% from the FT line.

We shot 41% from both 2 and 3.

We went inside and drew fouls (you looked at somebody wrong and they called a foul).

We got 16 PTS and 9 RB from the bench.

We hung 91 points on Cincinnati’s defense.

Yeah, free throws and rebounding were keys. See what good FT shooting can do?

Really tough to even try to find a negative in this game. Only thing I can come up with is that we probably allowed a few too many open looks from the perimeter but we made up for it in other ways.

I’m absolutely blown away at our free throw shooting. No way we win the game without that luxury today…huge performance from everyone at the line. Coach said in the postgame show that he didn’t practice free throws today so maybe we should try that strategy from now on.

Eddie is the man…plain and simple. What a stat line for that guy and if he doesn’t get CUSA POY, then there’s a conspiracy. Only way I see him not getting it is if he/Curt split too many votes.

Rest of the guys, especially Plav, played extremely well. And my hat is off to Iti. No, he may not have lit up the boxscore but he was a huge presence today. He altered a lot of shots and did a good job of hanging in there against some big bodies. Cincy still performed well in the paint but I thought Martin held his own.

As the guys said in the postgame show, it’s truly a shame that Halton cannot be that electric for EVERY game. It’s such a huge advantage when the crowd is that many and that loud. What an effort today by the team, the coaching staff and the fans.

Damn this Saturday night feels better than last Saturday night!!!

[b]Damn this Saturday night feels better than last Saturday night!!!![/b]

Amen. Lutz used the “outhouse/penthouse” reference in the postgame. :slight_smile:

Free throws won the game! How nice is it to be able to say that? The officials were horrible–the worst I’ve witnessed all year. The one that got hit with the football was generous to Cincinnati all game.

That said, 25-28 FTs, Eddie ties the steals record, and everyone played well for both teams. If this isn’t on ESPN Classic someday, I’ll yell obscenities.

What a great game! What an awesome feeling! I’ll miss this series. Go Niners! :lol:

What a fitting ending to a great series. Regardless of the outcome, that was a very entertaining game to watch… I really hope huggy bear will continue the series.

My thoughts on the game…

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[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Feb 5 2005, 08:33 PM [b] ... I really hope huggy bear will continue the series. [/b]
I find it hard to believe Huggins would allow the series to end on a loss. While perhaps not in the next two years, I expect we'll get a series going again (provided Lutz goes nowhere).
[b]If this isn't on ESPN Classic someday, I'll yell obscenities. [/b]

you took the words out of my mouth

im still in such awe/excitement of the game i can hardly summarize my thoughts in a clear and concise way

I’m so proud of our co-captains today. So proud.
Thanks Eddie and BP. That’s how you lead.

No Baldwin in the game at Cincy. Baldwin back in the game at Halton. As much as I love Goldwire & he will be special, we are a totally different team with Mitch at the helm. His drives were one of many big factors in the game tonight.

Due to conference changes & scheduling differences, neither Huggs or Lutz expect the series to be renewed for at least 2-3 years, however both have said on record that they want to continue the series at the first possible time.

I musta said,like 5 times during the game…I swear…i’m ok if we lose this one. It’ll hurt like hell,but(offensively especially) we played damn well.If we had lost…so be it.