What FBS team in NC do you REALLY want to play?

There is a lot of talk constantly about Charlotte and App playing in football down the road. But let’s be honest here. If you had you druthers what team would you really prefer to play as our first in state FBS game? Give me your preferred team and what team do you think we will actually play?

My preferred would be NC State.

Who I think we will play first is Wake (coaches connections are strong).

I would like to see us play ECU first but I think wake will come first also seeing how Lambert has contacts with there AD

I want to see us play Wake first. That’s because I think we will get more Niner fans to a Wake game than any of the others. Wake is the closest FBS school to our campus, we have more alums living in the Triad than any metro area other than Charlotte, and we should be able to easily aacquire enough seats in Groves Stadium.

With that said, I think the only way we play Wake first is if we play them before we have time to get our program established.

App is actually last on my list because a win over them will be the most meaningless.

NC State is rivals with ECU and UNC, and to a lesser extent Duke. UNC is rivals with Duke, NC State, and ECU. ECU has NC State and UNC. Duke football does not interest me whatsoever. That leaves Wake.

Also, let’s not forget there was a 20+? page topic on their message forums about how they were afraid of us getting a football team. One day I’d love for our program to have a rivalry with a bigger football program and more serious competition, but I think that a rivalry with Wake just makes the most sense and would be very beneficial for us right now.

You guys bring up some real good points about Wake. I’m sold. Put me down for Wake. That would be the easiest road trip available. And that’s huge.

Wake would be my first choice as well, for many of the reasons stated. I also think it is a potentially winnable game against an opponent that might not make a big splash for us nationally but definitely wouldn’t be overlooked regionally. Wake would probably be the most likely school to consider a return game after we expand our stadium because of the respect Coach Grobe and Coach Lambert have for one another.

Wake would be awesome.

And I’m not saying that because I live a few miles from the campus and would appreciate the short commute.

A and T, but I’m only 3 miles from their campus.
I’d probably say Duke, but playing schools in NC doesn’t exite me as much as a road trip to ole miss.

For the first game? Wake

For a lasting series? NCSU

Team I’d love to stomp? UNC-CHeat

Wake so that little bitch DemonDKE can cry himself to sleep every night for the rest of his life when we beat them.

To me a rolling format with the following 3 teams. Where each year we play one of these.

Wake (due to easy drive for students)

More importantly than who, it is where.

I want our first in-state FBS game to be at home.

I want to play all of them, but here is the order of preference:

ECU- Anything to take attention away from the ACC. Similar fanbases although ours is much younger.
NC State- I feel we have the most in common with them, maybe it’s just the engineering.
unc-ch- Would love to beat the crap out of the baby blue fairies
Wake Forest- for all the reason mentioned before, we could probably walk away with a W
Duke- program is on the rise with Cutcliff there
App State- takes attention away from the ACC, but they are still a SunBelt team.

[quote=“ZombieLew, post:13, topic:28094”]More importantly than who, it is where.

I want our first in-state FBS game to be at home.[/quote]

The only way that would happen is App… do you really think we would get someone to sign up for that?

I would love to play ECU or State, but that is because my social/work circle have more grads from these schools.

App would be awesome too and would make for great cheap road trips. I just dont think it would have as much interest and publicity throughout the state.

I’d be happy playing any of the other FBS schools in the state. A win against App really wouldn’t have the same wow factor as some of the other schools though just because they’re transitioning to FBS at the same time we are.

ECU- they are much better potential rival then App and they have enough fans that beating them would really nice. Also NCSU and UNC are too focused on each other or DUKE to care.

None are worthy of us. Bring on the SEC.

Careful with statements like that or else the Appies will start crying about how we’re full of ourselves and just embarrassing ourselves. And nobody likes a crying Appy. :’(

I think you guys have sold me on Wake as well. The connections, the relatively close distance, it all makes sense to me. I’ll go with ECU for my second choice. I’m done with App. It barely even interests me to play them for now. That may change, but for now I’m just sick of them.