what happened?

what happened? is it true?

plav hit a half court shot with .7 sec left for the win

hot damn|

i need more details

IU hit a shot with .7 sec left to take the lead by 2

we called a TO and hit plav at half court for a shot. he made it with .1 sec left. The officials had to look at the TV replay to see if the shot was good.

Unbelievable shot by plavich

Originally the official waved off the basket, before they went to the reply. On the TV slow motion, it distinctly showed 2 frames of picture after the ball left Plavich’s hand with 0.1 still left on the clock. After about 4 minutes of officials huddling over the screen… they came back with the good call and eddie immediately ran out and jumped up enthusiastically on the court.