What if we replace Memphis in AP Top 25

Memphis lost. We won. I know they lost to a highly ranked team but they could still drop out of the AP Top 25. If, by any chance, we grabbed that Top 25 spot, that would be sweet, just like icing on the cake… and of course worth a trip to their board to read their comments.

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I don’t see it happening, but with the way people vote in popularity polls nowadays, who knows. Memphis lost to a really good team who was pretty close to playing a home game. They should remain in the Top 25 for the moment. We played a bad team without our best player. You could say that it shows we’re really good with Withers, but I think we’ll have to win both games this week convincingly to warrant a Top 25 nod.

As long as we don’t slip up before then, December 4th will be our chance to break the top 25. We aren’t going to get respect beating Long Beach, Rutgers, Valpo or UL-Lafayette. True, those games won’t necessarily be easy wins for us, but no voter is going to see Charlotte beating Rutgers and think “wow, a win over Rutgers, I gotta have them in the top 25!” If a bunch of the 20-25 ranked teams lose to no name teams, we might slip in with an undefeated record, but we really won’t have any claim to the top 25 until we play Alabama. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t slip up at Valpo, that seems to be our most losable game before Bama. But even that might not be enough for us, Bama will likely have to face Washington or Oklahoma in the Great Alaskan Shoot Out and either of them is easily losable.

Bottom line, if we are 5-0 when the votes are counted December 5th, I think we will be in the top 25. Run the OOC schedule and we will be ranked around 18-21.

Is seems like evey time we are poised to finally get some respect:

  1. some scrub steals our thunder after a big win by slaying a giant, or
  2. we lose a game we shouldn’t lose a day or two before the next poll.
[i]Originally posted by MeinShaft[/i]@Nov 21 2004, 02:10 PM [b] 2) we lose a game we shouldn't lose a day or two before the next poll. [/b]
So true. Can't believe we gave away that St. Louis game last year.