What is there not to like about Bobby Lutz

and his basketball program at Charlotte? Bobby is a class act, runs a clean program, and you can bet the Niners will be a factor in C-USA. It is not a coincidence that the Niners are a consistant NCAA tournament team. Bobby might be the most underrated coach in America. You talk about Bobby, his players and the atmosphere at Halton Arena, you can see why the Niners program has been successful.

Who said this?

The one & only “Primetime with the Packman”.

Fudge…Hat showed it to me in the media guide.

Better still is this quote, “Bobby Lutz is always in big games. His teams win games they shouldn’t because they never give up, fina a way to win and do it with class. I love to watch his teams play, year after year.”

With love, from Digger Phelps.

I gotta say.i’m kinda neutral on Lutz…but at the game yesterday,he really got excited,I think it was after Curt and Eddie worked a give-and-go,or some nice play inside,and coach was really fired up,turned to the crowd and pumped his fist…I really liked the emotion,gotta give him props!