What is Zoobar smoking??

Saw this on the Indiana board.

Marquette 0-0 9-1
Cincinnati (25) 0-0 7-0
Southern Miss 0-0 7-2
Houston 0-0 7-3
Louisville (13) 0-0 6-2
DePaul 0-0 6-3
Charlotte 0-0 5-2
UAB 0-0 5-2
TCU 0-0 6-4
Memphis 0-0 6-4
South Florida 0-0 5-4
East Carolina 0-0 4-5
Tulane 0-0 3-4
Saint Louis 0-0 2-7

As you can see, the 49’ers are currently the 6th/7th best team there. I just can’t see IU losing to them at home. Matter of fact, when it’s all over, they might not make the top 7 or 8 in conference.
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He’s obviously going on overall record which is just stupid.

He obviously knows nothing about C-USA. We are the third best team behind Cincy and Louisville, probably the same as Marquette. I think we have the talent to be the best team but we haven’t shown that yet.

all the talent in the world wont win games for you when you arent playing smart basketball. i honestly think we have the most talent in CUSA, but whether or not we use it is another story…