What Niner Nation is thankful for this year

Saw some people doing this in the shout box so I thought I would start a thread.

Post Niner related things (or anything really) that you are thankful for this year.

  1. That UNC Charlotte continues to run an overall clean program. We have our malcontents just like everyone else but I’m proud of how we police the programs.

  2. We have football.

  3. That UNC Charlotte continues to grow in reputation, size and quality.

  4. This board. I have visited a lot of other fan boards and quite frankly this is the best I’ve seen hands down. Big thanks to NINERMAC and any one who assists him in running this site.

  • that henry williams is joining the program.
  • that we run a clean program and have high character coaches and athletes.
  • that Charlotte (the University) is being recognized more and more at all levels as a top-fight institution’
  • that i am associated with it!

Bahn mi and indoor plumbing.

clt is thankful for the observer.

That the vast majority of people associated with Niner athletics are decent folk.

That Metro is still banned and can’t dispute my thankfulness for the above.

That UH HUH does not sit close to me.