What to call the Fans

Ok guys we need a name.

Duke has the Cameron Crazies
MSU has the Izzone
Maryland has the MarylandTwerps

What are we?

Are we Niner Nation? Gang Green?

The reason I’m asking is because Sports Marketing Association is going to work with Grey’s Bookstore in getting more Charlotte 49ers Gear on campus. However we could always use some creative ideas from you guys. We’d like to use Niner Nation but we wouldn’t want to infringe on any TM’s. Guys…A Little Help?


[font=Impact][SIZE=4]NINER NATION![/font][/SIZE]

Green Bay has Cheese Heads. We need Niner Nation hats with foam pick-axes burried halfway into them.

Just don’t start that GD droning tomahawk masturbation automaton thing they do in Atlanta with the foam axes. It’s like a freakin’ Pavlov’s dog experiment run amok.


I think most of us like the sound of Niner Nation. I think the biggest concern is that the guys who use Niner Nation now may have some type of trademark and we can’t get into a big long legal issue over this. We just want to make some cheap student shirts for campus.

Halton Hooligans

Niner Nation is the best bet tho


there is a sipirt meeting tomorrow between 7-9. Everyone who is open needs to go. we are desiceding on what to unify us as next year. Gang green is to exclusive. You have to join, sit int he corner. NINER NATION is all over. Plus, there is a niner nation charity and we are working on getting a student tv show called niner nation. Our message board is niner nation