What will be our first P5 Victory?

  • 2020 @ Tennessee
  • 2020 @ Duke
  • 2021 Duke
  • 2021 @ Illinois
  • 2022 Maryland
  • 2022 @ South Carolina
  • 2023 @ Maryland
  • 2023 @ Florida
  • 2024 @ UNC-CH
  • 2024 @ Indiana
  • 2025 UNC-CH
  • 2025 @ Georgia
  • 2026 Ole Miss
  • 2027 @ Ole Miss

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I voted Duke next year, but don’t think it’s farfetched for us to win at least one of ours this year.

I voted for at Duke this year. I think Tennessee will be ready for us after we kept it close last time, and then they slept on GA State. They will come out ready. I think we have the talent to knock off Duke this year.

Man love our scheduling. Over the next 8 years we have 14 games vs P5 schools. 4 of those at home.


I second NWA. Several of our conference mates complain about struggling to get OOC G5 schools to come play them at home, and even the best Football School on the Planet–Appy State–can’t touch this.


Lovie Smith turning Illinois around.

Could see South Carolina with a new dud hire

I go to Illinois games every few years. Still can’t believe the Niners will be playing them. That’s one confusing and unpredictable team but just a great campus and university. I’d like nothing more for a W there, but perhaps we catch Duke on a bad day.

I’m thinking we may win our first P5 @ Duke as well. But, I’m personally super excited about the h&h games with Maryland. This will be our first B10 opponent too at home…another milestone.

im going for duke this year, im pretty optimistic. would be great if we could get at least one win against any P5 opponent though.