What's up with Greentintedglasses.net?

The site has not been updated since kenn st. What’s the deal?

We all died.

It was horrible.

Powerbait celebrated.

Could u be more specific? Nobody to write articles/ ran out of $$$? What was it?

They’re slack asses. :))

We don’t get paid (I know insane to think with how amazing our articles are, right?). It was just a case of staffers having prior arrangements. Some of us were out of town, prior engagements, and some drank too heavily after the loss.

Actually I assumed you did not get paid. But the comments are funny and on occasion insightfull and I enjoy reading it none the less.

Well thank you. We’re used to just getting the negative readers chiming in, but that usually goes for everything else in life. We will have stuff up for Temple, so keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes, personal obligations get in the way. We do have some good stuff coming up for future games so be sure to stick around.

Oh def! I enjoy it keep it up!

I just figured NLP quit and CharSF got tired of correcting Cpip’s grammatical errors and offed him. Figured CharSF would be in Aruba or something laying low.

In all truthfullness, we just get busy during our normal lives.

Losing doesn’t help the cause, either.

Now, if I were to be able to find a way to monetize the site enough so we could quit our day jobs… well there’d be no excuses.

LOL, yes. Lacking the time lately. We’ll finish strong just like I hope the Niners will.