Where does our 2019 class stand vs CUSA/App/ECU?

Let’s check in on the 2019 class and where it stands to our in-state G5 foes and CUSA:

Not good.

Not that we were knocking it out of the park before, but two “lame duck” classes in a row is killer.

Lambert would NEVER say this, but this is why it was truly unfair to even keep him. We have our right hand tied behind our back with a paper crane in a gun fight.

Edit: in my opinion this why we HAVE to let lambert go. Consider all the G5 recruits that will be released from LOIs when Satterfield gets hired away, and Scottie Mo gets fired. This is prime time to make a recruiting impact.

Perhaps if Lambert has a winning year he can translate that into wining on the trail. I have reservations on that.

I seriously doubt it.

I think Hill understands that you can sell Charlotte. He did it with a basketball coach and he will do it again with a football coach. This staff doesn’t know how to sell Charlotte and Hill will see that.

clt says recruiting should pick up with the new coach

What if we go 7-5? Whatcha gonna do then?

Fire a coach with a terrible lifetime winning percentage.

Lets say he does win 7 games. He still will only have 9 or 10 wins against fbs teams total in 4 years. Lol.

No chance he wins 7.

3-4 wins is most likely…5 is ceiling.

Staying at 2 is just as likely as getting to 5.


Never worry about winning too many games.

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