Where Iti should have spent last week

Reading on FoxSports.com about an Old Dominion player who excelled at last week’s Pete Newell Big Man Camp in Las Vegas made me realize that’s where Mr. Iti should have been.

Link: Pete Newell Big Man Camp

Of course, why go to Las Vegas when one can head to Mesa, Arizona to hone their NBA skills? :rolleyes:

One question. How can that old man teach big men? :o :wink:

Does anyone know who attended?

I bet Pete Newell could abuse Courtney Rosegreen in the post.

Lefty, there’s a roster of attendees on the Pete Newell website.

Forget Las Vegas, though. Here’s the guy who’ll prepare ya for the NBA!

Funny thing is that Alton Lister is also an alum of the Pete Newell Camp. BTW, I love this quote from the Mesa CC student newspaper when Lister was hired in 2000.

Michael Shepston, a freshman forward from last year’s team, said to the Arizona Republic in May, “Just because he played in the NBA doesn’t mean he can coach.”


Link: B-ball to rebuild with Lister

Good stuff. BTW, the ODU guy, Alex Loughton, was the one who abused us…scoring over 40 points, wasn’t it? He’s from Australia if I’m not mistaken.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Aug 9 2004, 10:48 AM [b]BTW, the ODU guy, Alex Loughton, was the one who abused us...scoring over 40 points, wasn't it? He's from Australia if I'm not mistaken.[/b]
Correctamundo. Loughton dropped [b]45 points[/b] on us. He's from Perth, Australia.

Alex Loughton

BTW, the Monarchs will also have a 7-3 Aussie frosh on their team as well for the 2004-05 season.

Was that a career day or what?!?!?

Points: 45, vs. Charlotte (12-6-03)
FGM: 17, vs. Charlotte (12-6-03)
FGA: 23 vs Charlotte (12-6-03)
FG%: .739 (17-23) vs. Charlotte (12-6-03)
3PT FGM: 5 vs. Charlotte (12-6-03)
3PT FGA: 5 vs. Charlotte (12-6-03)
3PT FG%: 100. (5-5) vs. Charlotte (12-6-03)
FTM: 10, vs Liberty(12-18-03),GW( 12-20-03) & at JMU (1-14-04)
FTA: 12, vs GW (12-20-03)
FT%: 100 (10-10) vs Liberty (12-18-03)
REBS: 16, vs George Mason (2-28-04) (15 IN OUR GAME)
AST: 6, vs Charlotte (12-06-03)
BLKS: 3, vs Liberty (12-18-03) & TSU(1-31-04)
STLS: 5, vs UNCW (1-28-04)
MINS; 42 vs. Charlotte (12-06-03)

(45 PTS, 15 RBS, 6 ASST, 5 FOR 5 FROM THREE)

But we won!!!

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Aug 9 2004, 01:49 PM [b] Was that a career day or what?!?!? [/b]
The Niners have a long history of giving some players career nights. :ticked: