Where to start?

  1. Our PG’s: 7 assists, 1 TO Davidon PG’s: 5 assists, 7 TO

  2. Rebounds: Niners 39 Davidson 27

  3. Turnovers: Niners 18 (Only 5 in the second) Davidson 19

  4. Curt 6-7 from the line, 15 points, 10 rebounds, including about 5 rebounds on one possession

  5. Floor Burns Charlotte: Too Many To Count. Eddie was still diving for balls with :05 left in the game.

  6. The big lineup of Curt, Nance, EJ, Eddie, and Mitch at the end of the first half got us back into the game.

  7. Niner Nation was LOUD & PROUD

  8. Mitch running the offense the best he has ever, per Coach

  9. Eddie is the “True Warrior”, not Artest. 32 minutes of being Winters’s shadow. Winters had 19, but only 10 of those were with Eddie guarding him. Almost as good as Galen’s effort on Wardle that one year.

  1. We outscored them by 23 in the second half.

  2. Does anyone know if/when C-SET will replay the game? I don’t see it in the guide anywhere… it wasn’t even listed for tonight. I forgot to set the DVR.

  1. my friends and i were honestly joking twice going “shoot it! shoot it!” when plavich was WAY out and he nailed both of them.
  1. I thought I saw Brendan hit a three…or seven.

Great game, great crowd.

Plav was fantastic in the second half. 7 for 7 from the field. Curt was a monster and it was a quiet double/double.

I told Lefty, NA and Over40 we needed Eddie to take the game over, I think he did that in a lot of respects. Despite the injury he hustled the whole game, diving on the floor.

Bobby made some solid adjustments in the second half that really took the 3 ball away from them. We also closed down the lane in the second half so they weren’t getting those easy baskets.

Nice rebound win and a gutsy performance.

Actually, he missed at least once in the second half, because he missed the long ball, then drilled one from further out off the rebound.

Clay Aiken singing with Barry Manilow on Clay’s Christmas special…priceless!

[b]Bobby made some solid adjustments in the second half that really took the 3 ball away from them. We also closed down the lane in the second half so they weren't getting those easy baskets.[/b]

Definitely. Our defense was night and day different (better) than the first half. They still got some open threes, but we left #12 open rather than give them up to Winters and McKillop like we did in the 1st half. We gave up WAY too many layups in the first half, also. They only got a couple in the 2nd half.

EJ and Curt got some quick scores in the lane early in the 2nd half. We then started to get Plav open more once they started sagging to help guard the lane. That was the most balanced effort, as far as inside-outside, that I’ve seen us have in quite a while. They didn’t know how to stop us from the 12:00 mark on in the 2nd half.

My new MasterCard commercial:
Tank of gas for a road trip: $27.50
Cost of game ticket: $12.00
Whipping the Kitties in Belk Arena: priceless

The first half looked an awful lot like two years ago at Davidson, but we shaped up in the last 21-22 minutes of the game. The only time during the night I really wanted to put a hurtin’ on one of our players is when Withers had the open lane for a tomahawk, and then inexplicably tried a layup and missed. Did he lose the grip on the ball or something? Other than that, Basden played his ass off despite apparently not being 100%, Plavich was just unconscious, and our FT shooting was better than usual. Not great, but not atrocious.

That was a lot of fun, and I’m pretty sure Davidson’s students were getting tired of us. Screw those goose-haters. FORE!

[b]Did he lose the grip on the ball or something? [/b]

I thought Withers just got too far under the basket to try the dunk. He was too busy watching behind him to see who was coming. When he looked back to the basket, it was too late to try the dunk. His momentum wouldn’t let him stop and jam, either. It should have been an easy two, but he just got in too big of a hurry.