Which conference would you like to play more?

Upon entry into the A-10, which of the above non-ACC conferences would you like to see us have more games against, assuming they were all 1/2 for 1’s. Feel free to post your reasonings in this thread.

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SEC because we seem to get in a lot of recruiting wars with SEC teams and beating a team we are fighting with for a recruit can only help our chances of landing him. If not, then the Big East, also for recruit purposes. An Arizona or Texas game would be fun, but I think beating regional recruiting foes would do more for the program in the long run.

I would like to see us keep things going with Cincy and Louisville. We’ll see how it works out.

SEC - b/c maybe I could actually get to see our team play with a drive up to UofF (not to mention, visit some college ladies, heh).

I’m with Lutz on this one. I don’t care what conference they’re from, so long as there are mostly quality opponents on the schedule. I’m over the “ACC is scared of us” stuff. If they don’t want to play us, fine, and that goes for South Carolina or any other school that neighbors us. We aren’t having any problems finding quality opponents to replace the would-be ACC games. We just need to insure that most of our deals are 1-for-1’s unless it’s an elite program.

SEC and Big East teams. This is primarily where most of our ALUMNI base is.

And… lets see what conference has won the Natl Title the past couple of years and starting next year will probably be the #1 in the country… My vote goes to the Big East and they are willing to play us. So forget the ACC and keep playing SEC and Big East teams that are willing to play for us.

[i]Originally posted by Mr. Bojangles[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 02:27 PM [b] I would like to see us keep things going with Cincy and Louisville. We'll see how it works out. [/b]
Every time UL is mentioned as far as playing future games, Lutz just shakes his head and says it will never happen. I don't know if slick Rick had a problem with Bobby or someone on our staff or just hated Halton's crowd or what, but Bobby has always maintained that we will likely never play UL again. :unsure:

Slick Rick’s ego is the main holdup in that (no) deal. He doesn’t view us as big time, so he isn’t going to play us. We don’t carry with us the TV potential that other schools do, so that is another factor. He’s looking for cupcakes to play at home, or only elite schools on the road. I can’t blame him though, because we would be doing the same thing if we could get those schools to play us, and get 1-for-nones from mid-majors.