Who has impressed you the most?

Throwing out the obvious choices, who among these four players has impressed you the most or played above your expectations? Feel free to support your vote with why you chose who you did.

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I voted for Leemire, but our team MVP now is Eddie.

Goldwire got my vote. Hes played a major role already, and I’m excited to see how much better he’ll get over the next few years.

I would definitely have to say Goldwire has impressed me the most, and that’s because I had no clue what he had to offer coming into the season. He’s stepped it up and hit some clutch shots when we needed them, and that’s big for a freshmen. Iti has also impressed me in his improvement from last year, but Lee wins my vote.

I like the way EJ has played, Lee too, but EJ seems so smooth and effortless. Next year he could go off in a big way.

who in the hell voted for ITI???

i dont see how anyone could vote for EJ. i mean i love the guy, he seems to really want to win badly, but he is nowhere NEAR how good most of us thought he would be. hell he was actually on some NBA scouts’ draft lists! wasnt he the #1 rated sf comming out of JUCO?

I voted for Iti. this poll was started back before conference play, when Iti was actually playing decently.

Goldwire !!! Based on what I’ve seen, I think we will be more impressed with him in the future.