Who has their head up their...

With everything on the line with the USF game (Maintianing a top 25 ranking, rpi, and NCAA automatic bid and seed) Lutz and Basden decide to go on vacation in Tampa like goofs vs takin’ care of business like pros’.

Hey Eddie, in case you have’nt heard -> you have to PRODUCE in the NBA, you’re only as good as your last game. Hey Lutz, in case you have’nt heard style points don’t mean sh@t for the NCAA.

Lutz’s post-game attitude that losing to USF is no big deal IMHO is totally unacceptable. Cripes I can only imagine the moaning and gnashing of teeth by supporters of other MAJOR programs if this were to happen-> Lutz would be taken to the woodshed.

GO NINERS, please!?

Both Lutz Eddie ar in a dark hole somewhere together. I only think one of them has TP! Lutz you suck!!!

Its obvious the pressure has gotten to Eddie. Not that he isn’t every bit as good as advertised, he’s just not playing his game.

Luckily for Eddie, ballots for CUSA Player of the Year were due Friday at noon.

Well that’s a plus

I am not so sure they have their head up their arse, but I was suprised as everyone was at how they took this game for granted to me it looked alot like the ecu game


I would rather play all ranked teams

Let’s face it. We don’t and never have approached each and every game with the same level of passion and desire. We have made HUGE strides to become a regular top 40 program year in and year out. To get to the next level, we MUST get over the hurdle of only playing for the big game and overlooking the ones that you simply cannot lose.

We will never get to the next level with lutz. It seems to me that lutz would be well served to move on somewhere where he has more resources, and we would be well served to have a coach that can bring resources, i.e… a name coach to make us a so called signature program

I graduated from charlotte in 1985, the Hal Wissel years. When Jeff Mullins, i.e… name coach or just basketball name, decided to come to Charlotte in 1985, that is when the program as we know it now started to take hold.

If 49er fans are satisfied with the status quo, then we are their. However, if you think like I do and see no reason that we are not capable of becoming a real basketball power, then I feel strongly that a change is in order. It may not only be Lutz that needs to go but our A.D. also.

What we need is Jeff Mullins II. Someone who can take us to the next level.
Maybe it is Matt Doherty, maybe not. Maybe Jay Bilas, Maybe not. I’m not sure who would be the best guy for the job, but i am convinced that it is not Bobby Lutz. Our RPI was better 7 or 8 years ago than it is today.

I could go on forever. Nuff said.

JAY FRIGGIN BILAS?? He’s a commentator,man…who just happens to say very nice things about us.I’m not saying I agree or disagree with your editorial on Lutz, and I definitely wouldn’t want Doherty. First of all,he thinks he’s much better than he is,and second of all he’d just be looking to this job as a stepping stone to a top 10 job.

Lutz is working a little psychology. What do you want him to do after that game cry? You want him to say the season is over and our team isn’t really that good? If he gets the guys believing they just took the day off he’ll get them to believe they can still win in the tournament. Some teams need a slap in the face to make a deep run, aparently we needed a slap then a double backhanded b@#ch slap to wake us up. You’ll be singing a different tune when we win the CUSA tournament.

I think NIINERFAN is the one with his head up his ass.

Hey MD,

Bite me!

Ha, come on.
just having a little fun…

They played a friggin’ late game against a physical and talented team on Thursday and had to turn around and fly out to Tampa for a Saturday game. Geez…anybody would have tired legs going into that. We are what we are…a Top 25/fringe team…nothing new here.

I BELIEVE the point some are trying to make, is good teams usually don’t lose three times to teams in the 200 rpi range, that is it.

Quick turn around for Louisville against a much better team at a much earlier hour. How did they do?

That’s why they’re Louisville and we’re not.

I do agree that three losses to RPI 200 sucks though.