Who is more obnoxious?

Personally I think it is a tie between Kellerman and Rome. Dukie V is just a moron, Scott is just trying to sound cool, but Kellerman and Rome actually think they are God’s gift to sports TV and think they are never ever wrong.

I could have sworn this would have been about the Shouters… :smiley:

[i]Originally posted by C49er[/i]@Dec 13 2004, 11:04 PM [b] I could have sworn this would have been about the Shouters... :D [/b]
lol that would be pretty mean. haha besides, we already know who those are, it doesnt need to be proven in a poll.

It’s a five way tie between those 4 and NA. :smiley:

24 views and only 3 votes? come on people cast your vote

I’ll take golddusters who try to hit up alumni for more donations on the messagboard for $100, Alex.

Oh my God! People, there is just SO many times you can yell BOO YAH on air while doing highlights (dunks). Stuart Scott is the most obnoxious human being on earth. You know…he IS a Tarhole. I personally like Rome…he is an acquired listen.

[i]Originally posted by franchise49er[/i]@Dec 13 2004, 11:48 PM [b] I personally like Rome....he is an acquired listen. [/b]
yeah, and eating dog shit is an aquired taste

Personally, I voted for Kellerman.

Each of the four is obnoxious in some way. Rome’s show could be condensed to about 2 hours if you took out all the pauses between his comments. His e-mailers do have some funny comments on occasion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about Vitale; He might be the biggest homer out there for whatever team is playing plus Duke, but if we all loved doing our job as much as he does, the world would be a much better place. I remember Scott on WRAL in Raleigh when he was fresh out of Carolina, before he became the SC personality, and he was a decent weekend sports guy without the shtick. That leaves Kellerman, who has no talent, other than talking about boxing. Who cares about that sport anymore anyway? He overestimted his popularity, and ESPN said “No, thanks,” and shuttled him off to Fox, where the debut of “I, Max” got a 0.0 rating. My wife calls him the most annoying guy on TV.

[i]Originally posted by Smoothieking[/i]@Dec 14 2004, 12:25 AM [b] My wife calls him the most annoying guy on TV. [/b]
I bet your wife is a very smart woman. Kellerman is a f***ing obnoxious IDIOT

Anyone remember the show “around the horn, with max kellerman”? God that show was awful

yes but now it’s around the horn with statboy and it’s awesome

i really hate max kellerman and always loved statboy on PTI

kellerman sucks

[i]Originally posted by uncc_kristi[/i]@Dec 14 2004, 12:36 AM [b] yes but now it's around the horn with statboy and it's awesome

i really hate max kellerman and always loved statboy on PTI [/b]

My wife also loves Statboy, and it’s not because he’s a good host.

i mean…he was always funny on pti

but yea he’s hot to boot

oh well what can you do

what?! no Packman?!

among those you gotta go with Kellerman, although Stewart is quickly gaining. S.Scott is getting worse and worse each year. I think his eye is effecting his thinking. Well that and he’s a tarhole.

Gotta be Stewart Scott for me. His ghetto lingo was funny the first time I watched him, but now it’s ridiculous. That and his ego keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Agree that Packer should be atop the list.

You either love or hate Rome and personally, I love him and wish he were still on here.

Of those on the list, I’m going with Vitale. I was over his whole shtick ages ago and can barely stomach a game he’s calling. It’s all an act and it’s all completely annoying. He ruins a game in my opinion and he’s a complete ACC homer. The day he retires is the day I’ll use less of the mute button on my remote.

Packer sucks.

[i]Originally posted by MKNiner[/i]@Dec 14 2004, 09:12 AM [b] Packer sucks. [/b]
Agreed. Does anyone know when his contract is up?

I always hoped he’d eat himself to death on Bubbas BBQ.

Whenever it is Pi, it can’t be soon enough. I know you don’t like Penner (& Mac), but I’d love to have them during drive time.