Who's better?

Just curious after watching the game last night what other people thought. I’m more and more amazed at Eddie’s knack for finding the ball. I personally think that Eddie doesn’t always get the full credit for his steals in the boxscore. He was only accredited with 4 steals against ECU. A few guys for ECU had 2 each, which was only 2 less than Eddie. In no way does that, only 2 more steals, accurately represent the disruption Eddie caused.

Yeah, like you said, Eddie is always somewhere causing problems for the ballhandler. Who knows how many other turnovers he causes just be being there and intimidating?

All-around? That’s a tough one. Defensively, Eddie is better. Offensively, Galen is better and a guy you want to have the ball during crunch time. This is one of those questions where you ask what you need on your team as to who you would choose.

Tough call. Galen was an incredible defensive player. I don’t know his stats and how they stack up against Eddie’s, but he shut down the best players on every opponent’s team every game. There was a reason they called him the “glove”. Eddie is obviously a better rebounder, and is scoring a lot more now. Overall I’d give the nod to Eddie. He just seems to be everywhere. Not as flashy as Galen was, but he seems to do more things. Can anyone dig up the stats on each?

Could probably lean either way but I gotta go with Galen. I don’t think there is a much of a dropoff between the two on defense but Galen is the guy I want to have the ball with the game on the line. Not sure I can say that about Eddie. Eddie is a warrior on both ends of the court and he’s everything you want in a player but Galen could do it all. I’m just glad both wore a Niner jersey instead of a Cincy, Louisville, etc. one.