Why doesn't Charlotte have a disc golf course?

I’ve been out playing a lot of different courses in the greater Charlotte area and it got me wondering: Why don’t we have one on campus? It seems that there would be plenty of space to build a course and a large population of students who play. Maybe this has been answered before, but I am not an active member of any disc golf clubs or associations.

Also, for anyone who plays, they just opened a new course to the public yesterday at Bradford Park on 73 in Huntersville for the 2012 worlds. I’m going to check it out today.

Good question; there’s not probably because there’s a course nearby at Reedy Creek Park. Just don’t leave valuables in your car! :stuck_out_tongue:

More info.

Cordelia Park on North Davidson & Parkwood has something along those lines as well. Gotta watch out for the electrical towers though…great place to put a park.

Yeah I frequent reedy creek. Its close to campus so I’m always there. I’m also a fan of renaissance when I have the gas and extra time. I played bradford today great but tough course. Stan mcdanial is still ther working on it. Anyways, I just figured with all the woods and flood plains, the school would look into that. Its relatively cheap and even the lolcats have a course which I love to play rocking alll niner green.

That’s the one park in the area I haven’t played. I need to get up there soon.

That’s the one park in the area I haven’t played. I need to get up there soon.[/quote]

I don’t think it is a full course though, it might even be an ultimate frisbee thing not golf.