why dosen't lutz have a coach's show on tv???

even ecu’s coach has a show on c-set why the hell can’t lutz have a show as well forget that radio show

Seems like I remember watching Mullins do a weekly show back when I was in college but not positive about that. Maybe someone else can confirm that he did.

It would be nice to have 30 minute show each week but I have a feeling Coach is already spread pretty thin. Maybe they could do like a TV version of Lutz Live. Then again, Bobby has never seemed comfortable in front of the camera so I’m not sure that’s something he’d like to do.

Melvin and Bobby had TV coaches shows at one time. Harold Johnson used to host the one with Bobby. Was on Saturday mornings about 10:00 AM, I think. I think we’ll see one on C-SET in the future.

guys, we are trying to start a studnet run TV show for channel 22 and niner network. email student media, vice chancellor chuck lynich, channel 22 which is based out of the library… tell them you want a student run tv show that focuses on Charlotte sports. that will help us out alot. then we can get a tv show for Lutz. that simple. start emailing if you really want it.

most of you just like to complain about stuff, so i am sure those people wont take the time to email anyone.

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Hey Guys,

I know for a fact that there is an initiative to get the tv thing going. I know that Chuck is informed and the SGA is going to work on an official resolution. Obviously student media is involved. However, it may be a while before atletics is involved completely. Like it was said earlier. Lutz is spread pretty thin. This has been a raised issue for a couple of years now. It will be done sooner or later.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Jan 28 2005, 10:30 PM [b] I think we'll see one on C-SET in the future. [/b]
Look for it to air at the start of next season on C-Set, filmed on the new TV set at the university.

WAXN footed the bill when Melvin/Bobby had their shows in the past. They had a contract with the school to pay for the show, but this contract ran out after the first two years of Bobby being there. And after that, WAXN was no longer obligated to cover the costs.

Initially, Lutz Live was going to be filmed and ran on C-Set this season but it was not a cost-effective option for C-Set (who would have paid for this). And it didn’t help that Lutz Live lost Gary to other obligations. Not to suggest Matt couldn’t have pulled it off but it was just another reason to postpone the TV taping.

Also, Lutz said that he would rather commit to a show where he could actually interact with the fans. This is a big reason why Lutz Live transpired. That and because most TV shows that coaches do are tape delayed, it’s not very appealing to sponsors. I give credit to Bobby for opting to go live so he could interact with fans, even though it’s radio.

Good info jcl. I think also it’s important to make money off the deal if at all possible. Lutz Live is a Signature Sports/Bobby Lutz production. And if I’m not mistaken, Bobby gets a cut from it as part of his compensation package. A State supported university can only pay a coach so much. The rest is supplemented by private funding (contributions), radio and TV shows, and shoe/apparel contracts.

If we finish strong this year, you better believe “high profile” schools who can pay big bucks will be coming after Bobby. UVA & NCSU to name a few.