Why this is a unique job

It is very rare that a coach can take over after a firing and have the potential to win 25 games.

If the PG play is there and we get someone who can regularly hit from outside this team could win 23-25 games. How often do you have a guy get fired and still have the potential to have a big time season the following year? (Kentucky being the exception to the rule)

That is why this job should look so appealing, you should hit the ground running here.

**** when we win 25 in 2011 Bobby needs to be thought of fondly for setting the table. ****

I was thinking about Gut taking over for Dean, as much as I hate to say it. But then, Dean wasn’t fired either.

25 may be a stretch, but 20 sure as heck isn’t. It’ll be expected, and that’s the only downside, and not much of one. It’s probably on par with saying that I expect to drink 3 beers the next time I walk in a bar.

No doubt. If the money is right, we could be more attractive than some of the other jobs out there in better conferences unless one of those jobs is just someones dream job that they never plan to leave. It’s easier to look good if you’re Charlotte competing in the A10 than some of your perennial bottom dwellers in a power conference. That’s not a knock on the A10, but Charlotte is one of the more attractive destinations in the A10 because of facilities, location, good fan support (when the team is winning at least), and lots of local talent,. With the right coach Charlotte has a shot to at least be in the discussion for an at large most years. If you go to a DePaul or other school that is left in shambles it’s harder to rebuild when you’re playing teams filled with McDonald’s All Americans.

good points thusfar, and remember: the new coach will have 5 available scholarships for next year, too. if he brings recruits with him or wants to take 1 or 2 jucos to fill roster spots and then hold on to the other 3 for the 2011 class, either way he’ll be installing HIS players for HIS system immediately, not to mention the talent we already have (which only needs a little discipline to be great.)

how bad would it suck if a good coach does come here, wins 25 and sweet 16 with Lutz players, then duck outta here for a 1m BCS gig? >:(

[quote=“metro, post:5, topic:22814”]how bad would it suck if a good coach does come here, wins 25 and sweet 16 with Lutz players, then duck outta here for a 1m BCS gig? >:([/quote]would def suck, but would show what the potential is for our program and be more intriguing to the next round of candidates.

I don’t think we’d care that much because we made it past the 2nd round for the first time since 1977 and can put up a legitimate banner again.

Good points. We have decent pieces coming back. Just hope the new coach can come in and teach the kids how to play better D.

Also, we dont really have much depth right now. Especially at the guard spot…that could be trouble. Hope we cant make a good, quick hire. Most important thing is to make the correct choice regarding coaches, but the few recruits that are left will be coming off the board very quickly, so I hope we dont take too long, for next year’s sake.

With a new coach, I’ll just be happy with a winning season and middle of the A10. Of course, I will expect our record to improve each year.

If a coach were to come here and do well quickly and take a BCS job, we would enjoy the fruits of the buyout plays the notoriety of being a place to succeed. It has been a while since we could say that.

not very much

Don’t forget we started 8-1 in conference with a coach we fired. With this talent, barring injuries, if this coach can’t contend for the A10 crown next year we made the wrong choice. A winning season in the A10 is the minimum we should accept depending on the opponents and destinations we get.

Of all the BCS openings, how many finished in the top half of their conference? How many are within a couple of years of breaking into the top half? Oregon is probably the only one, because of how down the Pac10 is. DePaul, St. John’s and Seton Hall are where coaching careers go to die. Iowa and Auburn both have huge powers above them ready to keep them down. Those 5 schools will offer big checks, but they are just as likely to be fired in 5 years, where here in Charlotte they could use our talent to get an even better job in 3.

even if davis decommits, well have four scholarships to give. assuming no one transfers(knock on wood).

I would think the Charlotte job would be very attractive.

  1. Post a decent non-conference record,
  2. Finish in the top half of the A10 regular season
  3. Win a couple in the conference tournament

All of this should equal to at least an at large discussion.

It wouldn’t suck at all…

Boooooooooo ;D

even if davis decommits, well have four scholarships to give. assuming no one transfers(knock on wood).[/quote]

I count 5.

Shamarr Bowden, Ian Andersen, Rashad Coleman, Charles Dewhurst, Dijuan Harris

That’s with the assumption that the new coach does not recruit Jarvis Davis and does not give a schollie to Trevin Parks.

You are forgetting that Briscoe will be taking one of those. He was not on scholarship this year.

Thank you, NN. I always forget about briscoe. I stand corrected…4 it is.

Because of ye Olde Mecklenburg Brewery.


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