Why you should drink Budweiser....

:smiley: This was brilliant marketing btw(all over talk radio today), they always have the best superbowl ads…


I read once last year about a flight with troops on it, and a businessman in First Class noticed them on board, offered his seat in first class to a soldier and said “thanks” among other things and the rest of the first class passengers followed suit for the remaining soldiers on board. Wonder if they got the airport idea from that story or one like it?

Actually, I shouldn’t drink Budweiser. Because it tastes like shit.

I did like the commercial, though.

Tf is ca-razy :smiley: , bud heavy is awesome. now bud light… :wacko: not so much.

but yeah, that commercial is terrific. loved it.

I took a couple flights on Delta from Nov-Dec. Can’t remember which one it was, but the lady at the gate upgraded a soldier (can’t remember which branch) to First Class without him even asking. Think I saw that more than once, too. :kudos: