Withers is Katz Player of the Week

I little love from Katz to Withers and the Niners on ESPN.com.

With a picture of Vince Grier beside it. WOW, what a mixup.

Weekly Word

EDIT - They’ve updated it now, but for about a 5-minute period they were showing a picture of Vince Grier in his Minnesota uni. Anyway, cleared up now.

They have fixed the picture. Here’s a more direct link:

Katz Player of the Week

Hey Curt

Please don’t forget Andy’s comment: " If Charlotte is going to do some damage in the NCAAs then it’s going to be because Withers is a force around the basket."

As good as you’ve played since the game in 5/3rd Arena, it will be even more important from here on out.

Where’s the link?

WOW!!! What a week for Curt…keep it up.

Yep, we’re gonna need Curt to stay strong if we want to do anything.

We also made Katz’s “Five Games to Watch” this week:

5. DePaul at Charlotte, Wednesday, 7 ET
Who would have thought this game would be for first place at the beginning of the season? Louisville is still the team to chase (and Cincinnati isn’t done yet) but DePaul and Charlotte are on their way to the tourney, too.

Gratz to Withers. Well deserved.

Keep it rolling Curt.
Take us deep in the Tourny.