WKU Bonus Play Away Game 2-22-20 7:00 Tip

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Now that bonus play is underway and three out of four of our games are rematches with the same three teams at home as before, I dislike this format even more.
Is there any reasonable expectation that we won’t be screwed by the zebra crew at WKU once again?

If there is a pod system for worst road record in the conference, we would be in pod 1 of that. Something has to eventually fall our way in these roads games. If we can’t find our footing in the next two road bonus games, I unfortunately will have zero faith in our ability to go deep in the conference tourney this season. Neutral site or not, this team appears to have the inability to win outside of Halton. We have a fantastic home record don’t get me wrong, but we can’t keep assuming those will be wins. Nothing is guaranteed, esp against pod 1 caliber teams. We need to snag one of these away games, esp if we want to ensure our BYE.

I am still very pleased with the progression and improvement of this team this year. However, in true gold standard fashion, my expectations have shifted as well for this season. I expect better results on the road. Let’s go guys, beat WKU!

More from the team’s tour of Nissan Stadium:


From the Big O:


Hilltoppers favored by 6 1/2. ESPN BPI Matchup Predictor gives us a 20.6% chance of winning the game.

If I had to bet $100 I’d feel more comfortable taking the WKU minus points

Maybe Sanchez has a crazy road streak in this team

i agree. id be shocked if we cover, let alone win.


And i’ll be shocked if I’m able to figure out a way to watch this game on my firestick. ESPN+ was the best tv package in years. Facebook is garbage. Why can’t we have ESPN+ for the rest of the season?

I installed a Facebook app on my Firestick this morning that seems designed for watching videos. I’m hoping it’ll work for the game tonight.

I’ll try that out any earlier games to test it with?

Looks like we’re the only Facebook game today https://uabsports.com/news/2020/2/16/c-usa-announces-mens-basketball-bonus-play-schedule.aspx

Actually tried a stadium game on the FB app and it’s working, so it should work.

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Not sure if it matters, but this is “CBSSN on Facebook”, not Stadium on FB.