WKU @ Charlotte 12/6 12Noon ESPN3

Have not found a spread yet. Student tix available Wednesday:

Odds are…we won’t play this game.

clt says 6pm is friggin better for the fans

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Charlotte -1

What are the odds any of the 4 games we had postponed get played?

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In theory you could make up all three CUSA postponed games but it would require changing the schedule around. Play at MTSU on 12/5, at Marshall on 12/12, and move the FIU game to 12/19 (conference championship weekend). If Charlotte won its way into the conference championship game then the 12/19 FIU game could not be played.

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It will be a miracle if this game is played on the 28th.

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Great start to the week so far.

Playing WKU on Tuesday morning.

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Glad we got it rescheduled to where we can play. I didn’t realize we still had so many in the covid protocol

10:30 am??

Team release:

This season SUCKS.

I would imaging one more positive cancels it. I think Tuesday is best case with no more bad news.

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I think you’re probably right upperdeck.

clt says 10:30 is really friggin tough for fans

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Looks damn cold too.

7th game either postponed or cancelled this season. What a mess!

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Will 1,072 fans be allowed in the stadium?

Wonder what team pregame preparations are like for a 10:30 am game?
10:30 is friggin tough for teams.

Will 1,072 fans want to attend on a Tuesday morning?