Women Lose To Depaul

Niners fall hard to Depaul


but they’re still 15-3 overall, 3-1 in CUSA.

They beat Marquette 2 days ago, and Marquette beat Depaul but…I guess you can’t count on that in NCAA basketball.

Depaul is really good, though, so it’s not too bad of a loss. They’re average win at home is by more than 40 points, and they haven’t lost at home by less than 22. Still a great season for our ladies, though.

When the women won the conference two years ago, one of their two conference losses was at DePaul. And it was by almost 20 points.

The conference tournament was at the DePaul Athletic Center in 2002. It’s small, it’s dark, there are no seats behind the baskets, and it’s hard to get used to the layout of it - for example, the shot clock is on the wall behind and to the left of the basket. Definitely weird. It’s a pretty building, though.