Womens Tourney

I’ve been trying to findout about the NCAA woman’s field. Is Charlotte a bubble team? They have a good record but they are not ranked. Did they make it last year? How many C-USA teams to the ladies usualy get?

The women made the NCAA field in 2003 with a record of 21-8 (lost in 1st round to Georgia). Last year, they finished with a record of 17-14 including a trip to the 2nd round of the WNIT.

This year, I’d say they are on the bubble, but their chances are not good. They’ve lost two games in C-USA that they shouldn’t have (USF and Louisville). Even though their record is 20-6, their RPI and SOS are not great.

C-USA usually gets anywhere between 3 and 5 teams in the womens tournament. The big thing helping us now is that the conference tourney is at Halton, so maybe the women can make a run to the finals or even the title.