Wonderbread's 33rd Birthday Bash-O-Rama and Retropsective

Happy birthday to one of our most active posters (.01 poster per day).

Let look back at some of his classic posts…

The one that started it all, maybe his screename should have been Nostrodamous:

[QUOTE]my guess:

Cincy Game Bobble = Diego

Go Niners[/QUOTE]
Not afraid to ask for clarification:

[QUOTE]When were the team technicals issued? There is one for both Charlotte and Memphis in the Observer, and Jena’s article said no fouls were called in the 2nd half altercation.

I must have missed something from my seat

Go Niners[/QUOTE]
Willing to share a little bit of his history:

[QUOTE]In intramurals we had a hard time picking a name for our football team. Over lunch it was decided as we all sat around my apartment naked that if we didn’t come up with a better name we would be “Wonderbread” we didn’t, and had a good year. (Losing only to the Dawgs, and we should have beat them in the semi-finals.) The name stuck with our intramural teams and then later with me since I am very white and people wonder why I attempt to play athletics.[/QUOTE]
Happy birthday Wonderbread!!!

Go Niners!!!

I recall years ago stating on the message board, not this one… the OLD charlotte.com board that I was going to be a green and black Darth Maul for the Sincy game. As I walked to my seats I heard "Hey you are on the message board!” or something like that. It was nonother than Wonderbread, I think the face paint gave me away. Ah the memories!

All I want for my birthday is to bring back Zookeeper to the Arcade. I haven’t wasted near enough time in the last year.

i thought for sure that would have at least doubled your posts per day. guess not.


Bumping it to the top for the birthday boy.

I can still remember the first time me and Wonderbread were MF’n boyyyyyyyys!!!

I will never forget when he accidentally shot the Invisible Swordsman and later answered one of the world’s greatest questions…“How do you know that’s a mail plane?”

Answer: “Because it has little balls”

Happy Bday!