so my bro in law is about to have a second baby with my sister!!! i don’t trust him or any man because of the news!!! so i bought the old man a double barrell shot gun, the bro a 45 and myself a glock… I want him to know!!! what would u do





I would stop doing drugs for starters.

This is an epic thread.

/action is patiently waiting on said news!

Also, my sister just had a second child with my brother-in-law. I have a brother and a father. I feel like this thread is one I can connect with.

[me=Hooner49]laughs at all the noobs who type out “/action”[/me]

Save yourself four keystrokes by using “/me”

hooner is a genious. /me approves.

I’d be Worried!!! this post makes you look retarded.

Kenny Frease should be worried:
Cincinnati Bearcats versus Xavier bench clearing brawl

thug Cincy player kicked him in the face, Frease was just trying to break it up.

AND this dude calls us the “UNC Niners” and says we should “see who the real UNC is on Sunday!” Crackhead.

You guys are getting trolled so bad.

That’s what I thought at first, but now I don’t know. Some people really are just oblivious to life.