Worst Non-Conf. Sched Ever?

I am getting a little nervous about our Strength of Sched. rating and RPI which stands at 164 after our Indiana win. We are really going to need to tear up the conference this year - even if we finish at 9-2 for the non-conf. sched. Yale and Santa Clara are both 100+ RPI and won’t help us get an RPI better than 100 should we win both games (that is hoping Santa Clara and Charlotte win their first games).

We can only hope that some of the non-conf teams we played start winning.

I can’t remember a worse non-conf sched. Every year we seem to complain a little about our sched. and it seems to work out but this year we may be in trouble come tourney time.

It’s not as good as last year, but we’ve had worse.

It’s not as good as in year’s past, but it’s not all our fault nor is it going to be as bad as it looks in the end. Arizona backing out hurt bad. Valpo, ULL, Davidson, and Indiana will all do well when conference play starts. When they start winning, our SOS and RPI will both pick up.

These are some of the teams of note, schedule wise and teams that i dont think will be in this position later in the year.

kenpoms top 50 RPI includes games through tuesday, not including last nights games

1 Boston College
14 Kent St.
15 Oregon
18 Pacific
21 Ohio St.
22 UAB -Schedule
24 Richmond
25 Holy Cross
28 Bradley
29 Marquette -Schedule
30 Nevada Las Vegas
31 Texas A&M Corpus Christi
32 Temple
33 Clemson
34 St. Francis PA
35 Illinois Chicago
36 Maryland
37 Cincinnati -Schedule (2)
38 Texas Christian -Schedule
39 Princeton
40 Kansas St.
41 Alabama -Schedule
42 Hawaii
43 Northern Iowa
44 Virginia Commonwealth
45 American
47 Wyoming
48 Western Kentucky
49 South Carolina
50 Rice

and depaul is 56

our sagrin went up 7 spots from 68 to 61, after last nights win and some help from rutgers and alabama both winning.