Wow, does the Morning Sports Page SUCK!

With the return of Penner to that sorry sports station, I decided to give the MSP another shot while on my morning run today. I can’t believe that this show remains on the air. Gary Williams, with his wannabe-yuppie attitude, is almost too much to take while those two other buffoon’s are completely unbearable.
Jim’s level of ignorance reaches beyond any comedic value and TC (Howard Stearn impersonator) is just a pathetic, overweight 40-something who still thinks he is the star of the high school football team.

And what the hell is with the constant barrage of sound bites they throw at you? Here is a tip guys, not everything has to be funny (unfortunately nothing they do is) so stop with the same, worn out sound bites every ten seconds. What makes it worse is that they are the same ones that they were using 4 years ago when I last listened to that show. You literaly can’t get through 10 seconds of that show without hearing “you sir are an idiot” or “I am the smartest man alive” or some other lame Seinfeld/Simpsons/Old School snippet. And what is with that incessant “ding, ding, ding” they play?

I understand that there are those of you that are faithful because GW does Niner games but you are kidding yourselves. He does them because he gets paid to and only uses the Lutz/Bilas connection in hopes of furthering his carreer. He is a Carolina guy, plain and simple. It wasn’t long ago, before he did our games, that most of you would post how you could not stand him. You will do the same again when he is no longer associated with the Niners.

Needless to say, I will not be listening to that show ever again.

I haven’t seen 610’s latest ratings, but I have been traveling alot lately all over the east coast, and haven’t miss’d the Page or Packer one bit…and I am a sports freak. When I am in town half the time now, I turn on the MSP and you are right Pi, it is weak. Packer’s show literally caters to all with an IQ under 100, Primetime is godawful. This is the one millionth thread on this subject, but its kind of like bashing the Observer, when something is horrid, you can trash it all day. The MSP can be OK, but TC needs to go, and the show needs some updating.

another note, that show the Herd is unbearable, NPR is better than that. I do like having Penner back. The guy will throw those under the bus that need be.

I can tolerate the MSP at times but there is a lot of redundancy on that show and though I like Gary, it’s no secret that the Tarholes are his first love. With that said, he does support the Niners, regardless if he gets paid to or not. Until his contract with the Niners runs out, then he’s okay in my book.

With that said, getting Sirius Radio a couple months ago has made that entire station completely irrelevant to me. Far better sports radio programming on satellite radio and it makes stations like WFNZ completely expendable in my opinion. I do listen to Penner’s new show though but aside from that, I have my computer logged into the live Sirius feed. And I don’t even listen to local stations anymore when I’m driving.

clt finds the msp pretty decent. is fudge stil on the radio.

bring back rome

the herd is an infidel.

I enjoy the MSP during basketball season, but that’s about it.

The worst thing that could have happened did, when CBS bought 1660 thus eliminating any hope for a show to compete against the MSP and Packer. Especially Packer who is, by far, the worst radio personality I’ve ever heard.