Any Wrestling fans?

You should have said, “If there are any wrestling fans out there, give me a Hell Yeah!”

Yeah, I guess so.

only naked female wrestling or mud wrestling…now that should be a college sport… :smiley:

I request some links to Trish Status pics at work… B)

Diamonds are forever, and so is the Nature Boy!


[i]Originally posted by jp49er[/i]@Apr 11 2005, 02:46 PM [b] only naked female wrestling or mud wrestling...now that should be a college sport... :D [/b]
A possible way to meet titleIX regulations for Charlotte and trying to get football? Judy, get on it, fast!!!

It’s rasslin down here in the south, so know your role jabroni!!!

I still keep up with WWE but if I miss a show I don’t care. Stone Cold, The Rock, D-X, that’s what brought me back into rasslin when I was in school. That and the fact that the 4 Horsemen were still alive and kickin in WCW. Gotta agree with MK, it’s all about the Nature Boy!! Probably one of the only old school guys that can still headline a Raw event. Hogan sucks and his rasslin skills suck even worse.

Ric is a classic.
I like Batista & Chris Benoit.
I had been sick of Hogan as well, but when they brought him back for the HOF ceremony & at Wrestlemania, I shockingly started to miss the '80’s. I already like '80’s music. Maybe I’m an old fuddy duddy, I like things the way I grew up. But I wouldn’t want to see Hogan on a regular basis.
What ever happened to Wall, the Steiner Brothers, Kronik, Juventud Guerra, Saturn, Scott Hall, etc.?

I miss the old days of SCSA and Rock and Mick Foley and HHH all on the same night. Those were the days.

I didn’t like Rock & Mick.
I did however like Mick when he used to be Cactus Jack.

My fav rasslin’ story is from Arn Anderson.

I spoke to him one night after we had all had a few too many and happened to tell him that Sid Vicious was one of the baddest dudes ever.

He then said “Ask Sid about that night in Memphis when he started mouthing off and see if he wants anymore of AA.” He was dead serious. After that the night went downhill.

Too bad they didn’t have a camera. It’d be funny to see AA whup Sid’s a**.

I remember Sid breaking his leg on Nitro (or they replayed it on Nitro). It was pretty nasty, he jumped off the top rope to kick someone and when his other foot landed on the mat, it went sideways and he went down. Compound fracture, that’s gonna leave mark!!

I remember the good ol days of the 4 Horsemen jumping Dusty Rhodes in front of the Lionel Toy warehouse on South Blvd, that’s close to home!!!

“Come to Lionel Toy Warehouse, & we’ll turn that frown, upside down!”