Wright, Smith stay in draft

DePaul loses Dorrell Wright and UofL ditto with Donta Smith. They’re both listed as first rounders on the ESPN mock draft, so looks like a good decision for both.

I’m still stratching my head over Delonte West’s decision to skip his senior season at Saint Joe’s since he’s being projected as a second rounder. Same for Western Carolina’s Kevin Martin.

Anyway, just glad our “Martin” is coming back.

Did you mean Delonte West? My thinking is that he knew he was going to be a one-man team this year, and that he would face constant double teamming.

maybe Dorrell Wright made the right decision, but i have never seen Donta Smith projected to go earlier than mid second round.

Smoothie, thanks for catching that. Yes, I meant Delonte West. Guess he didn’t want to follow the lead of his teammate Jameer Nelson and parlay a solid senior season into a guaranteed NBA first rounder in 2005. Go figure… :rolleyes:

I think Delonte made the right decision. He’s going to be a senior with no front court, a young backcourt and no Jameer Nelson. He knows that he’s not a #1 player but he is a guy who can score in a complimentary role. He’s selling himself high. I think he made a good decision.