clt doesn’t play video games, but thanks for the info!

Been rocking halo 5 hard if anyone wants to hit me up.

I’m on battlefront, moss2k49 is my tag. I’ll have Black Ops 3 tomorrow.

Just a bump for any gamers we have

Jkitt20 is my tag.

Been a few years. Any new gamers or gamer tags?

We still play GTA5 on Xbox

rarely ever on, but add me dwhit350!

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GTA Online is the most fun you can have these days.

Of course, it’s fun until @NinerWupAss excludes you from the group.

I will be purchasing the new FIFA next year, simply because it’ll be the first with Charlotte.


clt is waiting for the new xbox


Hit me up

If you are stuck at home and have an Xbox join us.

I don’t want to create a new thread for Nintendo, but I bought a Switch last week. If anyone wants to throw down on Mario Kart, I have nothing better to do with my time.

I don’t have Xbox but will likely be playing PS4 with this Corona thing going on.

Feel free to add me - shaqots

I have a ps4 too…what do you play?

clt says let’s debate new Xbox vs new pS. What should clt buy?

I normally play the free PS plus games each month and then GTAV/online, Red Dead 2, and MLB the Show 19. I just got GTA V from a giveaway so I’m only like level 10 online.

I’m open to play more just won’t be purchasing many games due to wife’s layoff.

CDS, just to throw this out there, if you’re into FPS games at all, the new Call of Duty free-to-play game called “Warzone” is fantastic.

I forgot I do have the new Call of Duty but haven’t played it very much. I’ll have to give the Warzone a try however I admit upfront I suck at battle royale type games. Is Warzone a free dlc for the game or is it standalone free to play?

It’s a free standalone. But XP you earn in Warzone carries over to leveling up (guns, abilities etc) to the paid CoD MP too.

There’s a mode called “plunder” that seems like a good lower-stress mode for folks who aren’t crazy about BR’s. You can start with a loadout (as opposed to only picking up guns off the ground) and when you die there’s a 15 second cool down, then you drop back into the map.

The goal of “plunder” is to be the first team to collect $1 million from cash spread throughout the map.