yankees no longer buying titles, want them free

NEW YORK – The Yankees’ push Monday for a forfeit victory over the Devil Rays has landed them squarely in the eye of Tampa Bay manager Lou Piniella.

Because of travel problems due to Hurricane Frances, the Devil Rays arrived three hours late for the rescheduled 3 p.m. ET opener of a doubleheader Monday at Yankee Stadium. Tampa Bay lost the game that was played 7-4. Afterward, Piniella was angry that the Yankees asked the commissioner’s office to declare the other game a forfeit victory for them.

Commissioner Bud Selig has no intention of ordering a forfeit.

“If it’d been reversed, and that hurricane would have been here in the New York area as opposed to the Tampa area, the Yankees should have stayed at home and forgotten about the ballgame in Tampa. Period,” Piniella told reporters.

“Let me tell you this: I think when you look at baseball, it’s important,” Piniella continued. "Your family is doubly important or triply important and when a hurricane is beating down on the Florida coast, 160, 70, 80 miles from your hometown, I think you take care of your family first and you worry about the ballgame second.

“I know the Yankees are in a pennant race, but I also know that our kids are young and have a lot of young kids at home. There was flooding, there are a lot of things that occurred over a two-day period in Florida, and I think everybody was more comfortable being with their family than being in New York sitting in a hotel waiting to play a baseball game.”

Devil Rays designated hitter Aubrey Huff didn’t make the trip; his house was so flooded, according to one report, that he couldn’t get out of it despite offers from police to escort him to the airport so he could join his teammates.

General manager Chuck LaMar said the team never intended to leave for New York until Sunday night or Monday. The team endured travel delays Monday of up to 10 hours before landing in New York.

“We decided, and we made the right decision, we’ll stick by that decision, to stay with our families,” he said. “We wanted to stay in the Tampa Bay area, wait out the storm with our families.”

The Yankees reported to Yankee Stadium at noon for the doubleheader. Tampa Bay players arrived for the 7:05 p.m. start at 6:05, suited up, and lost their eighth straight.

Before the game, Yankees president Randy Levine and general manager Brian Cashman held a news conference on the field, explaining why they wanted a forfeit. Baseball rules say a forfeit may be called if a team isn’t ready within five minutes of umpires calling “play” unless the delay is “unavoidable.”

“The rule states that if your team is here and ready to play, and the other team isn’t here and not ready to play, there should be a forfeit, and we believe there should be a forfeit,” Levine said.

The teams also are scheduled to play night games Wednesday and Thursday. Levine said that if the forfeit request was denied, it should be rescheduled to be played on Oct. 4, the day after the regular season, if it’s needed to decide a postseason race. He also said that the Yankees may refuse to reschedule the game for this week, even if ordered to.

“Given the stage of the season we are in, and the exciting pennant races, it is critical that we do everything to decide the championship on the field,” Selig said in a statement.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

            You've got players with houses so flooded they can't get out and a stagnant hurricane and you want to send the devil rays home to their literally broken homes with two losses. People say they respect steinbrenner, why? Because he happened to buy every player he can get his hands on because he isn't savvy enough to bring players up through the farm, that and he is a stubborn egomonical jerk who whines when he dosen't win everytime. With your 180 million dollar payroll, 60 mil above the number 2, you shouln't even be close enough to boston for this game to matter but I guess money can't buy you everything. But I guess a little trophy with flags is more important than people's lives and families. Hell I can see why you're so upset since you thought you deserved the trophy from opening day. I also don't care if he is really a jerk or just likes attention, either way if this man didn't have money he would have his nose broken AT LEAST every other day.

This will just make it that much sweeter when the Yankees fail to make it to the World Series and they have to watch the Red Sox win it. Look for George to have a aneurism.

Didn’t they postpone games for 9/11???

[i]Originally posted by Jimmyhat49er[/i]@Sep 7 2004, 03:26 PM [b] Didn't they postpone games for 9/11???? [/b]
poor taste in analogies.....
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[b]QUOTE[/b] (ballboy @ Sep 7 2004, 04:48 PM)

What does this have to do with Charlotte hoops?

[i]Originally posted by s9er[/i]@Sep 7 2004, 03:56 PM [b] What does this have to do with Charlotte hoops? [/b]
Well, it IS in the MLB forum... oh, and I hate the Yankees. Period.
[i]Originally posted by Jimmyhat49er[/i]@Sep 7 2004, 03:55 PM [b] How is that different than Millions of people having to leave their homes that could potentially be destroyed by a Hurricane??? [/b]
Houses can be rebuilt. 9/11 Thousands die at the hands of cowards.....Hurricane Frances 10 reported deaths (in florida) due to the weather. I think there's a pretty distinct difference between the two events.

I’ve hated the Yankees since birth, I’m an Orioles fan, however pathetic and depressing that may be at times. I don’t agree with Mr. Steinbrenner and his organizations stance on this topic at all. I think they should have showed more compasion for the hurricane victims and the Devil Rays by trying to reschedule instead of taking a cheap shot at the league. I’m just glad MLB finally did the right thing here.

Steinbrenner strikes back! Now the yankees are sending a bill for 3 million to MLB for expenses from losing the game. You already beat on small market teams with your huge salary and now your going to hurt them even more by taking from MLB. Steinbrenner, just for one minute, quit being an ASS!

BTW, its almost seinfeldian that the yankees GM is Mr. Cashman

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Well what does all the political banter have to do with charlotte hoops?!?

The “Evil Empire” still uses 9/11 to trot out that fat opera singer to sing “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch. The Mets don’t put us through that crap.